Thursday, January 7, 2010

Workshop: Working with Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools

I'm giving the following workshop. Any suggestions for content are welcome. And you are welcome to attend, whether or not you're a UC student.

Title: Working with Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools

Location: 110 South Hall, UC Berkeley,

Date/Time: Monday, January 25, 2-5pm

There are hundreds of millions of geospatial data files available on the web. Many of these files are in a format that makes it hard to access the data, or combine it with other data sets. This workshop will introduce the basics of geospatial data formats, and using open source tools to work directly with geospatial data. In particular, you will learn about shapefiles, KML, GeoRSS, GeoJSON and other standard formats. And you will learn about using the GDAL/OGR packages, GeoServer, and other tools to work with the data. And finally, you'll learn about some options for displaying the data on a map.

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