Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Geo Highlights from Day 1 at Google I/O

Boy, are my feet sore!

Wow, what an amazing day! Geo rocked Day 1 at Google I/O.

First, Daniels Lee announced that the Google Maps API V3 has graduated from labs and now is the recommended version of the Maps API to use. It also means that V3 is part of Google Maps API Premier, which is something people have been asking me about.

That also means that V2 is deprecated. We'll continue to support it, and fix bugs, for at least the next 3 years. Check out the deprecation policy in the terms of service. We're also deprecating Mapplets.

We also announced Street View in the V3 API, Flash-less so you can use it on mobile browsers. See my talk for more details. Videos and slides should post soon.

We announced a Directions web service as well, allowing us to close by far the single most requested feature in the issue tracker.

And finally, we previewed a Places widget, allowing you to show Places nearby your current location. It's built on the Places web service, now in Developer Preview.

There was also a fireside chat with Geo engineers and Product Managers, a Developer Sandbox with lots of great stuff on display, and a talk on Maps Data API by Tom Manshrek.

Plus, there were tons of Geo developers all over the conference. I think I talked to half of them. If you're in the other half, come and talk to me tomorrow!

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