Monday, December 13, 2010

AGU 2010: Data Visualization

So, this was the first year without a digital globes track. I think two things happened:

  1. Organizers got tired of doing it every year
  2. More important: Digital globes are now all over the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting. There's really no need to separately call it out.
So this year, I presented to Visualization Aided Data Analysis: Tools and Techniques for the Geophysical Sciences. Smaller than my other years at AGU, this was still a vital record of the different tools needed for data analysis. I was particularly impressed by Hank Childs' presentation on VisIt: A Tool for Visualizing and Analyzing Very Large Data, which really seemed to be a tool for visualizing anything in any possible way. Wow, awesome tool. I was also really impressed by Vis Research: Advances in Visualization Research by Ken Joy, U.C. Davis. He had really impressive visualizations of flow patterns.

My own discussions of Fusion Tables, Earth, and Earth Engine seemed a bit more basic, but perhaps that's the point I've been trying to make, that visualization tools can be powerful and hard to use, putting incredible versatility and detail in the hands or professionals, or easy to use and basic for everyone. And when they are easy and basic, everyone can use them effectively.
 Anyway, here's my slides:

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