Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Thumbed Closure Slider for Time Slider

I've posted a couple of times about sliders - Playing with Closure UI Library: Slider and a basic Basic Time Slider in Closure. My final slider example uses the same data set as the last, and incorporates a Two Thumb slider, meaning you can use the slider to set a range of values, not just a less-than or greater-than value. I also corrected something that impacted performance in the last sample, that is I checked whether the query changed by the different events, and change the query on the map layer when the query changes from the last. This is an artifact of the events that I'm listening form, MOUSEUP, MOUSEOUT, and KEYUP. You may remember in the first sample, I realized that firing off a query change whenever the slider had a CHANGE caused too many queries to hit the overlay server, causing the Map to show the missing overlay error. Listening for mouse and key events caused fewer events to fire, but still more than one per change. The change simply tests to see if the new query is different from the old query, and only re-query the layer server if the query changes.

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