Sunday, November 21, 2010

Google Developer Days in Europe

I just got back from Google Developer Days in Munich, Moscow and Prague. OK, I got back on Thursday, but I'm just coming out of my jetlagged state. I presented similar talks in all three places, though in Munich I talked about Latitude, and in Prague Jarda Bengl joined me and talked about Street View. My demos are all linked in the slides. The theme was New Features in Google Geo. Here's the Munich slides:

Here's the Prague slides, with Street View at the end:

In Moscow, I went a little slower, cut out the Latitude and Street View slides because of the simultaneous translation. I did have a separate slide deck, but it adds nothing over the other ones.

Fusion Tables was the killer, though, very popular in all three cities, especially with the new spatial queries. Turns out, people love one click visualizations and easy Maps API integration. Especially fun was the demo I did using a Closure slider to dynamically change the FusionTableLayer query. I'm going to refine that some more, play with it and then do a write-up. I'm trying to take the time to learn Closure finally.

Finally, here's some pictures I took from GDD Moscow and the GTUG hackathon the next day. Unfortunately, people were pretty wiped by the next day, as there was a Android/HTML5 hackathon the day before. Some folks had traveled 16 hours on the train each way to go to GDD. Only about 20 people showed to the Geo hackathon the next day, but the energy level was great and people seemed to have a lot of fun.